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Mayo Clinic researchers have studied a type of stereotactic surgery called laser thermal ablation as a potential treatment for some types of epilepsy. Your neurosurgeon will discuss with you if you're a candidate for this procedure.

In this minimally-invasive procedure, doctors make a small hole in the back of your skull and guide a laser-tipped thin tube (catheter) into your skull to the specific area of your brain that is causing your seizure. Doctors then direct light energy through the catheter to heat and destroy tissue in the specific area of your brain that is causing your seizure.

Doctors will conduct an intraoperative MRI to locate the specific area of your brain causing your seizure prior to the procedure. Doctors also use intraoperative MRI to monitor the procedure and to confirm the lesion area after the procedure.

After the procedure, you'll need to spend the night in the hospital, and you can generally return to your normal activities in about a week.

This procedure is experimental and needs further research. Long-term results aren't yet known. However, the preliminary results of the research have been promising.

May. 31, 2013

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