Preparing for your appointment

If you have signs and symptoms of entropion, you're likely to start by seeing your primary care doctor. He or she may refer you to a doctor who specializes in treating eye disorders (ophthalmologist).

Here's some information to help you get ready for your appointment.

What you can do

Before your appointment make a list of:

  • All medications, vitamins and supplements you take, including the doses
  • Symptoms you've been having and for how long
  • Other eye conditions, injuries or surgeries you've had
  • Questions to ask your doctor

For entropion, some basic questions to ask your doctor include:

  • What's the most likely cause of my symptoms?
  • What kinds of tests do I need? Do they require any special preparation?
  • Is this condition temporary or long lasting?
  • Can entropion damage my vision?
  • What treatments are available, and which do you recommend?
  • What are the risks of surgery?
  • What are the alternatives to surgery?
  • I have these other health conditions. How can I best manage them together?
  • Do you have any brochures or other printed material that I can take with me? What websites do you recommend?

What to expect from your doctor

Your doctor is likely to ask you a number of questions, such as:

  • When did you first begin experiencing symptoms?
  • Have your symptoms been continuous or occasional?
  • Have you had any previous eye surgery or procedures on your eye or eyelid?
  • Have you had any other eye problems, such as an eye infection or an injury?
  • Are you taking any blood thinners?
  • Are you taking aspirin?
  • Are you using any eyedrops?
Aug. 17, 2017
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