Entropion can have several different causes, such as:

  • Muscle weakness. As you age, the muscles under your eyes tend to get weaker and the tendons also may relax. If muscles and tendons become weak and relaxed, entropion can develop.
  • Scars or previous surgeries. Scarred skin from chemical burns, trauma or surgery can distort the normal curve of the eyelid, causing entropion.
  • Eye infection. Although rare in North America, an eye infection called trachoma is still common in North Africa and South Asia. Trachoma can cause scarring of the inner eyelid, leading to entropion and even blindness from the corneal complications.
  • Inflammation or infection. An eyelid problem called spastic entropion can result from infection or inflammation.
  • Developmental complication. Very rarely, entropion is present at birth (congenital). More often, a baby with turned-in eyelashes at birth has an extra fold of skin on the eyelid, called epiblepharon.
Jan. 22, 2013