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Diabetes and procrastination — Not a good combination

By Nancy Klobassa Davidson, R.N. and Peggy Moreland, R.N. September 21, 2010

I know the things I ought to do but I sometimes put off doing them: testing blood glucoses, giving meal insulin boluses, counting carbohydrates, exercising, recording blood glucoses in my record book, foot care, getting to doctor appointments, and the list goes on. To procrastinate or not to procrastinate, that is the question.

An article by Rick Warren, who writes about faith and a purpose-driven life, describes five common reasons for procrastination. These reasons seem to apply to most situations in life, including diabetes management:

  • Fear: Have you ever been afraid to go to your doctor's appointment because you knew that your diabetes control was poor and you didn't want to know your A1C results? Or perhaps you knew you were developing a complication like numbness in your feet but tried to put it out of your mind.
  • Indecision: Should you start insulin? Should you go on an insulin pump? Should you attend the diabetes education class? It can all feel overwhelming.
  • Perfectionism: Do you tell yourself that you're not going to the doctor until you get your blood glucose under perfect control? You will wait a long time if you want perfect blood glucoses — it's just not part of the balancing act of diabetes management.
  • Anger: Delay can be a form of anger. Maybe you don't want to do what your health providers recommended because you don't like being told what to do. Besides, they don't have diabetes, so what do they know?
  • Laziness: Ever felt like having diabetes is too much work? You've probably wished that you could be like other people and not have to worry about testing blood glucoses or taking medication. Maybe you've also skipped testing or didn't take your medication, thinking that missing once or twice wouldn't hurt.

Next time you find yourself procrastinating, stop and ask yourself why. Is it one of the above reasons? What are you going to do about it?

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Sept. 21, 2010