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Mayo Clinic accepts appointments in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota and at Mayo Clinic Health System sites.

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  • Experience. Mayo Clinic treats thousands of people each year for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and has been a leading center in many clinical research trials in COPD.
  • Special expertise. Mayo Clinic has special expertise in treatment of alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic form of emphysema that is often unrecognized.
  • Team approach. Mayo Clinic specialists work together so that you receive all the expertise needed to identify your problem and find an effective solution.
  • Comprehensive options. Virtually every test and therapy for diagnosis and treatment of COPD is available at Mayo Clinic, including lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplant. Mayo Clinic's laboratory for testing lung function is one of the largest and busiest of its kind, and Mayo pulmonary specialists participate in clinical trials of new medications for treatment of COPD. Mayo Clinic offers state-of-the-art tobacco cessation treatment. Mayo Clinic locations in Minnesota and Florida offer pulmonary rehabilitation programs.
July 21, 2015