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  • Teamwork. Doctors in gastroenterology, along with specialists in colon and rectal surgery, gynecology, and physical medicine and rehabilitation, work together to make an accurate diagnosis and to develop a treatment plan for your needs.
  • Expertise. Mayo Clinic specialists have extensive experience diagnosing and treating chronic constipation. Mayo Clinic experts care for more than 10,000 people with chronic constipation each year.
  • Advanced diagnostic resources. Specialists at Mayo Clinic can use a wide variety of tests to identify the cause of constipation, including tests to assess movement of material through your gastrointestinal tract (scintigraphy), muscle contractions in your colon (motility tests), and function of your rectal and pelvic floor muscles.
  • A full range of treatment options to consider. Mayo Clinic doctors will work with you to review all of your treatment options and choose the treatment that best suits your needs and goals. The range of treatments offered to people with chronic constipation includes counseling in nutrition and lifestyle changes, medications, surgery and biofeedback training.
  • Experimental treatments. Mayo Clinic is actively involved in research on new therapies for chronic constipation, and you may have access to experimental treatments not available elsewhere.
Aug. 31, 2013