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Mayo Clinic doctors use the most advanced techniques available to find colon polyps. Sensitive imaging technologies help Mayo specialists determine the size and shape of colon polyps and whether they might be cancerous.

Mayo Clinic specialists use these tests to screen for colon polyps:

  • Colonoscopy. Your doctor can view your entire colon using a thin, flexible tube with a lighted camera inside its tip (endoscope). Mayo Clinic uses only high-definition colonoscopy, which detects 20 percent more precancerous polyps than conventional endoscopes.
  • Virtual colonoscopy. A CT scanner is used to produce a detailed view of your colon without inserting a colonoscope. Mayo Clinic studies have shown that virtual colonoscopy is as accurate as traditional colonoscopy at finding polyps.
  • Probe-based laser confocal endomicroscopy. Like a miniature microscope, it is used during colonoscopy to distinguish noncancerous from cancerous polyps. The probe provides the same level of detail as a traditional microscope outside the body.
Jul. 16, 2011

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