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Treatments for chondrosarcoma include:

  • Surgery. During an operation to treat chondrosarcoma, surgeons work to remove the cancer and a small margin of healthy tissue around it. The type of surgery you undergo will depend on the location of your chondrosarcoma.

    When possible, surgeons work to remove the cancer, while avoiding amputation and maintaining your ability to function. Many specialized techniques are available to achieve this, such as cutting and freezing (cryoablation) the affected tissue.

    Larger and more aggressive cancers may require amputation of the affected limb.

  • Rehabilitation therapy. Before and after surgery, specialists will work with you to maintain or regain function of your affected limb. If you have undergone amputation, specialists can fit you with prosthetics to help you regain the ability to go about your daily tasks.
  • Other treatments. Other treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, are generally not effective for chondrosarcoma because it's typically a very slow-growing cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy target cells that grow very quickly. These other treatments may be useful if your chondrosarcoma is a more aggressive form of this cancer.
Feb. 06, 2014