Alternative medicine

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Alternative forms of therapy can be integrated into your regular health plan to help you deal with the signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. You may have to experiment to find a treatment that works for you. Still, always check with your doctor before trying any complementary or alternative treatment.

  • Yoga. Yoga postures designed for strengthening, stretching and balancing each joint in the upper body, as well as the upper body itself, may help reduce the pain and improve the grip strength of people with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Hand therapy. Preliminary evidence suggests that certain physical and occupational hand therapy techniques may help improve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Ultrasound therapy. High-intensity ultrasound can be used to raise the temperature of a targeted area of body tissue to reduce pain and promote healing. A course of ultrasound therapy over several weeks may help improve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
April 02, 2014