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Facebook, social media can help cancer survivors

By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N. October 22, 2011

Did you know that Mayo Clinic is now on Facebook? If you found the Living with Cancer blog, you might like to also connect with other survivors on Facebook.

Mayo Clinic has a general Facebook page (simply look for Mayo Clinic), and the Cancer Center has a page that you can follow for our Cancer Education Program (look for Cancer Education Program-Mayo Clinic).

The Cancer Education Program page has updates related to patient and public cancer events, classes, support groups and resources. Check out the page and feel free to give them a "like" for continued support. This is another way to give feedback and share your ideas related to resources and support for cancer survivors. The Living with Cancer blog posts are also linked on this page for you to follow.

I would love to know how social media has helped you as a cancer survivor. How do you use Facebook and other social media? Feel free to also write or share feedback directly on the Facebook page if you have ideas or feedback that would help us to make your experience better.


Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

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Oct. 22, 2011