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  1. March 12, 2014

    Colon cancer awareness: Check out the strollin' colon

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

    Patients, families and the public are invited to get the latest updates from Mayo Clinic related to prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and care of colon cancer.

  2. March 5, 2014

    Cancer caregivers and quality of life — new study opportunity

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

    Mayo Clinic has a new study open to cancer caregivers that is researching interventions to improve quality of life and prevent burnout.

  3. February 26, 2014

    Planning ahead with an advance directive is crucial

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

    Dealing with a life-changing diagnosis such as cancer makes having an advance directive to outline treatment even more important.

  4. February 19, 2014

    The path to mindfulness and gratitude

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

    Researchers have studied the effects of mindfulness meditation and found that the practice can reduce stress and anxiety which has a positive effect on the mind and body.

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  5. February 12, 2014

    Treatment key to living with metastatic bone cancer

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

    Metastatic bone cancer usually can't be cured, but instead the goal is to provide pain relief and control further spread through treatment.

  6. January 29, 2014

    Colorectal cancer risk: genes, the environment and family history

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

    Mayo Clinic expert discusses how colorectal cancer develops and triggers for screening, doctor visits.

  7. January 23, 2014

    Mayo Clinic celebrates 150 years, reaching where you are

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

    Mayo Clinic has a long history of forward thinking, collaboration and innovation continuing to this day as we reach out to cancer survivors where you are.

  8. January 10, 2014

    New resource can help you find peace and let go of stress

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

    Making a few simple changes can help you be more balanced and engaged, which will help you let go of stress, find a sense of peace, and become more resilient, according to a new Mayo Clinic book.

  9. November 9, 2013

    How to care for skin during and after radiation

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N. Most side effects from radiation therapy are limited to the area being treated and go away within weeks. Use these tips to care for your skin. 12 comments
  10. November 2, 2013

    The problem with overtreating thyroid cancers

    By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N. Concern rises with possible overtreatment of some people who have low-risk thyroid cancers. 14 comments
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