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Try, do or see 13 new things in 2013

By Sheryl M. Ness, R.N. February 2, 2013

This week, I'd like to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.

Instead of making a resolution for the New Year, why not make a list of 13 new things that you want to experience or try this year?

Maybe you've always wanted to visit the local museum, or take a cooking class, but never found the time.

Get together with your spouse, partner or friends and brainstorm ideas for new experiences in your local area ... you'd be surprised what you've been missing right in your local neighborhood.

Try a yoga class, a walk through a local garden spot, visit a new coffee shop, check out the farmer's market, purchase an orchid for the first time, learn how to golf, volunteer at a local organization ... explore everything around you. Take the steps to experience these new things on your own or together.

When you try, do and see new things, your eyes open to new ideas and experiences. This provides a welcome break from your everyday routine. The experience takes your mind to a different place and may also give you a fresh sense of wonder and enjoyment of life. You may discover that you find something new that becomes one of your favorite things in life.

Consider this your challenge for 2013. I'd love to hear back from you as the weeks and months unfold. Write in to me and everyone and let us know what you've done.


Sheryl M. Ness, R.N.

Feb. 02, 2013