Lifestyle and home remedies

By Mayo Clinic Staff

In addition to medical treatment and prescription medications, self-help measures may improve your symptoms. You may find these beneficial for reducing chronic mouth discomfort:

  • Drink more fluids, to help ease the feeling of dry mouth, but avoid carbonated beverages.
  • Don't use tobacco products.
  • Avoid alcohol and products with alcohol, as they may irritate the lining of your mouth.
  • Avoid products with cinnamon or mint.
  • Avoid spicy-hot foods.
  • Avoid acidic foods and liquids, such as tomatoes, orange juice, soft drinks and coffee.
  • Try different mild or flavor-free brands of toothpaste, such as one for sensitive teeth or one without mint or cinnamon.
  • Take steps to reduce excessive stress.
Feb. 07, 2013