A broken arm usually happens in an unplanned, unexpected instant. Although it's impossible to foresee or prevent that instant, these basic tips may offer some protection.

  • Build bone strength. Calcium-rich foods, such as milk, yogurt and cheese, can help build strong bones. In general, a regular diet with the recommended calcium intake is best, even after a fracture. For women, the recommended amount of calcium increases with age and with menopause. Talk to your doctor about how much calcium you need.
  • Prevent falls. Falling forward onto an outstretched hand is the leading cause of a broken arm. To prevent this common injury, wear sensible shoes. Remove home hazards. Light up your living space. And install grab bars in your bathroom and hand rails on your stairways, if necessary.
  • Use protective gear. Wear wrist guards for high-risk activities, such as in-line skating, snowboarding, rugby and football.
Aug. 19, 2011