You may be at higher risk of a broken foot or ankle if you:

  • Participate in high-impact sports. The stresses, direct blows and twisting injuries that occur in football, hockey, gymnastics, ballet, tennis, soccer, skiing and snowboarding are causes of foot and ankle fractures.
  • Use improper sports equipment. Faulty equipment, such as shoes that are too worn or not properly fitted, can contribute to stress fractures and falls. Improper training techniques, such as not warming up and stretching, also can cause foot and ankle injuries.
  • Work in certain occupations. Certain work environments, such as a construction site, put you at risk of falling from a height or dropping something heavy on your foot.
  • Keep your home cluttered or poorly lit. Walking around in a house with too much clutter or too little light may lead to falls and foot and ankle injuries.
  • Have certain conditions. Having fragile bones (osteoporosis) or poor sensation in your feet (neuropathy) can put you at risk of injuries to your foot and ankle bones.
  • Are a female athlete. Female athletes often restrict their diets, which can lead to irregular menstrual periods and osteoporosis. This is known as the female athlete triad. Taken together, this can put these athletes at higher risk for foot or ankle stress fractures.
April 24, 2014