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Aside from the treatment information featured on this page, Mayo Clinic provides all standard treatment options for this condition.

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The treatment team's goal is to restore your heart to its normal rhythm. After completing a thorough evaluation and identifying the cause of your bradycardia, your doctor will recommend appropriate treatment. If a medication causes bradycardia, your doctor will determine if it's safe to stop taking that medicine and let your heart rhythm return to normal. If you have no symptoms, you may not need treatment.

If electrical problems in your heart cause your bradycardia, your doctor may be able to implant a pacemaker to regulate your heart rate.

  • Pacemaker. A pacemaker is a medical device that sends electrical impulses to stimulate your heart and help regulate your heart rate. The doctor places it under the skin near your collarbone. Your doctor may recommend a pacemaker after some procedures or when you are taking certain medications.
  • Cardiac rehabilitation. You may benefit from Mayo Clinic's cardiac rehabilitation program following your implantation of a medical device. In cardiac rehabilitation, you'll gradually work up to vigorous exercise over several weeks.
  • Long-term care. If you receive a medical device, your doctor will explain Mayo Clinic's long-term program to monitor and adjust your device.
May. 26, 2011