Coping and support

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Living with a chronic liver disease can be frustrating. Each person finds ways to cope with the stress of a chronic disease. In time, you'll find what works for you. Until then, consider trying to:

  • Learn about your condition. Find out everything you want to know about autoimmune hepatitis. The more you understand about what's going on in your body, the more active you can be in your own care. In addition to talking with your doctor, look for information at your local library and on websites affiliated with reputable organizations, such as the American Liver Foundation.
  • Take care of yourself. Eating well, exercising and getting enough rest can help you feel better. Avoid drinking alcohol, and check with your doctor before taking any new medications.
  • Get help. If you have friends or family who want to help, take them up on their offers and let them know what would be most useful to you.
  • Seek support. Strong relationships can play an important role in helping you maintain a positive attitude. You may find that a support group can be helpful. Ask your doctor about local support groups for people with autoimmune hepatitis, or call the American Liver Foundation at 800-465-4837.
April 18, 2012