Treatments and drugs

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Because there isn't a way to repair chromosome defects, there's no cure for Angelman syndrome. Treatment focuses on managing the medical and developmental problems that the chromosome defects cause.

A team of health care professionals will likely work with you to manage your child's condition. Depending on your child's signs and symptoms, treatment for Angelman syndrome may involve the following:

  • Anti-seizure medication. Medication may be necessary to control seizures caused by Angelman syndrome.
  • Physical therapy. Children with Angelman syndrome may learn to walk better and overcome other movement problems with the help of physical therapy.
  • Communication therapy. Although people with Angelman syndrome usually don't develop verbal language beyond simple sentences, communication therapy can be helpful. Nonverbal language skills may be developed through sign language and picture communication.
  • Behavior therapy. Behavior therapy can help children with Angelman syndrome overcome hyperactivity and a short attention span, which can aid in developmental progress. Although the level of development people with Angelman syndrome can achieve varies widely, many are outgoing and are able to build relationships with friends and family.
Jan. 17, 2012

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