Mayo Clinic doctors trained in brain conditions (neurologists), brain surgeons (neurosurgeons), radiologists trained in brain and brain vessel imaging (neuroradiologists), and other researchers actively study brain aneurysms. Doctors trained in heart disease (cardiologists), doctors trained in blood vessel conditions (vascular medicine specialists), and heart and lung surgeons (cardiac and thoracic surgeons) study aortic and peripheral artery aneurysms. Research focuses on aneurysm development, monitoring, management and treatment. Researchers also study when aneurysms should be treated and when aneurysms may be monitored for any changes. Learn more about cardiovascular diseases research, neurology research and neurosurgery research.

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Watch Mayo Clinic neurologist Robert D. Brown Jr., M.D., discuss the results of a brain aneurysm study and brain aneurysm treatment.

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March 27, 2014