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Patient stories

Patient with “Double Trouble” Diagnosis Finds Answers at Mayo Clinic

Being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a serious blood cancer, is difficult enough to accept. But being told that you also have a rare hematologic condition called amyloidosis — a disorder that could prevent you from receiving the bone marrow transplant necessary to combat your myeloma — could put anyone’s strength to the test. Such was the case [...]

  • Experience. Every year, Mayo Clinic specialists treat more than 1,600 people with this rare condition.
  • Expertise. Amyloidosis is often overlooked. Mayo Clinic has doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating protein disorders of the blood, such as amyloidosis.
  • Advanced technology. Mayo Clinic offers advanced diagnostic tests for amyloidosis that are not available at all medical centers and require interpretation by experienced pathologists.
  • Collaborative care. Amyloidosis can affect many parts of your body. At Mayo Clinic, hematologists work closely with doctors who specialize in pathology, transplantation and cancer, as well as in diseases of the brain and nervous system, heart, and kidneys. Together, they make your healthcare experience seamless.
  • Excellent transplant care. At Mayo Clinic, our experts are leaders in the use of blood stem cell transplants to treat amyloidosis. Mayo Clinic has one of the largest and most experienced transplant practices in the United States.
  • New ideas. Mayo Clinic is one of the few medical centers in the United States studying the diagnosis and treatment of amyloidosis, with clinical trials underway.
July 09, 2015