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Dementia journey affects family relationships

By Angela Lunde May 14, 2008

In several care partner support groups these past couple of weeks, the conversation has turned to the topic of relationships. More specifically, the changes that occur within roles and relationships when someone in the family has dementia.

I was asked if sibling relationships suffer when a parent has dementia. Often, siblings have varying opinions about how to deal with decisions they are faced with at the present time, as well as those down the road. Furthermore, each member of the family is experiencing grief and loss over the situation in their own way and in their own time.

Some members of the family may feel anger or resentment, some may cope by seeking out information and support, while others can remain in a place of avoidance or denial for some time. There can be family conflict and less cohesiveness. Yet, sometimes on this journey families come to a place where they say the disease has brought them closer than ever. I am wondering what your experiences are?

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May. 14, 2008