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Healing from the pain: Share your story

By Angela Lunde February 6, 2008

So many of you have written about the grief and loss you feel. Whether you love someone who lives with the disease of Alzheimer's, or grieve a death, the pain is similar. These feelings have a way of numbing and isolating us and we yearn for some relief from this emotional confinement.

Kent Nerburn ("Letters to My Son"), one of my favorite Minnesota authors, writes, "The question you must ask yourself is not if you will heal, but how you will heal. Grief and pain have their own duration, but when they begin to pass, you must take care to guide the shape of the new being you are becoming. They reduce our lives to chaos, but in return they offer us a chance to rebuild our sense of values and meaning."

Many of you may feel like you are living 'the chaos' right now and that healing is far from reach. Yet, others of you may be on a path toward healing with perspective I invite you to share with us.

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Feb. 06, 2008