Exercise after your kidney transplant

After your kidney transplant, you should make exercise a regular part of your life to continue to improve your health and fitness.

Your treatment team may work with you to set up a routine exercise program to meet your needs. Immediately after your transplant, you should walk as much as you can tolerate. Refrain from lifting more than 5 to 7 pounds in the first four to six weeks after your transplant. After your transplant, your doctor will recommend that you participate in 30 minutes of moderate exercise (brisk walking) a day, five days a week. Walking, bicycling, low-impact strength training or other activities may help you improve your health.

Exercising regularly helps you control your weight, strengthen your bones and muscles, improve your physical functioning and increase your energy. However, if you feel dizzy or short of breath, or if you experience other symptoms while working out, you should stop exercising. Discuss your symptoms with your doctor and treatment team before you begin exercising again.