Kidney transplant eligibility

People with chronic kidney disease leading to kidney failure are most appropriately treated with a kidney transplant. Chronic kidney disease may be caused by many medical conditions that may progress to injure your kidneys, including:

Your transplant team will evaluate you to determine whether a kidney transplant may be safe and beneficial for you. You'll have blood tests, imaging studies and other tests. Doctors will test you to ensure you have adequate heart-lung function. Doctors also will test you to ensure you don't have any other serious medical conditions, including chronic infections, cancer and heart disease (cardiovascular disease).

Most people who are evaluated are determined to be eligible for a kidney transplant. Your doctors and transplant team will work with you to promote wellness, lower your risks and improve your outcome after kidney transplant. Staff will explain to you the importance of taking your immunosuppressant medications to keep your body from rejecting your kidney.

March 11, 2016