Facial transplantation is an option for people who have severe facial injuries, with or without significant tissue loss, which is not amenable to adequate reconstruction and restoration of function using conventional reconstructive techniques. At Mayo Clinic, the face transplant team’s primary goal is to restore normal anatomy and improve function as much as possible, as well as to improve appearance and give individuals confidence to live less reclusively and have a better quality of life. The reconstructive transplant program at Mayo Clinic includes a multi-disciplinary team of experts in many different fields including facial reconstruction and micro-surgery, immunosuppression/rejection management, medical management of the transplant recipient, rehabilitation, psychiatric care, social services, and regenerative medicine.

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One of the first programs in the U.S.

Mayo Clinic offers the first program in the United States that incorporates face transplant as an option in the clinical practice of facial reconstruction. The program allows patients the option of reconstructive surgery without being required to enroll in experimental trials, though patients may choose to participate in clinical research.

Experienced team

At Mayo Clinic, teams of experts focus on meeting the needs of each patient as a whole person, providing exactly the care they need. For more than 50 years, thousands of people have received organ, tissue, and bone marrow transplants at Mayo Clinic, and Mayo Clinic has been on the forefront of reconstructive facial surgery since the 1930s.