By Mayo Clinic Staff

The sports medicine team in Arizona offers the following sports- and exercise-related services:

  • General medical evaluations including: injured or symptomatic athlete evaluations; well-person exams for risk assessment, dietary guidelines and exercise prescription; and pre-exercise and pre-participation exams
  • Comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular health through the Heart Health and Performance Program initiated at Mayo Clinic in Arizona
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation assessment and treatment including safe exercise techniques, physical therapy, runner's evaluation and non-surgical musculoskeletal assessment
  • Orthopedic Surgery for hand, foot and ankle, shoulder, knee and hip conditions
  • Diet analysis and nutrition counseling
  • Specialized musculoskeletal radiology (MRI)
  • Travel medicine consultations
  • Supplemental Complementary and Alternative Medicine evaluations
  • Assistance in dealing with psychological aspects of sports injury
  • Space medicine program that provides pre-travel assessment and addresses special medical issues in space travel
  • Sports Ophthalmology
  • Research and education initiatives to help improve the care and performance of the athlete