Three-Week Program

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Pain Rehabilitation Center's three-week program is designed for people whose chronic pain is a major health problem and who, because of pain, have experienced a significant decline in functional abilities and quality of life. The program includes an integrated team of providers from pain medicine, physical therapy, psychology, pharmacology, occupational therapy, biofeedback and nursing. All are focused on helping the patient reach personal goals regarding the self-management of chronic pain.

The program is actually 17 days: 2 days of pre-admission evaluation appointments and 15 days of therapy.

A Typical Day

The schedule below is an example of a typical day in the three-week program. The program uses a rolling admission, meaning that on any given day two to three patients begin the program and two to three patients complete it. As a result, new patients can learn and ask questions not only of staff, but also of other patients at various stages of program completion.

8 a.m. — Stretching

8:30 a.m. — Daily Goal Setting

9 a.m. — Stress Management Session

10 a.m. — Patient Rounds

11 a.m. — Physical Therapy

Noon — Lunch

1 p.m. — Pain Management Session

2 p.m. — Advanced Relaxation

3 p.m. — Occupational Therapy

4 p.m. — Pain Management Session