The Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC) offers three programs:

Three-Week Program

The three-week program is designed to benefit people whose chronic pain creates a major health problem and has caused a significant decline in functional abilities and quality of life. Patients learn pain management skills and techniques for physical reconditioning. Staff supervise medication changes, including withdrawal from pain medications that often no longer reduce pain or improve functioning. An interdisciplinary team of providers help each patient reach individual goals in self-management of pain. Learn more about the Three-Week Program.

Two-Day Program

The two-day pain rehabilitation program focuses on an overview of pain management skills. People learn to recognize aspects of their pain and life that they can control, even though a cure for pain is not possible. Learn more about the Two-Day Program.

Pediatric Program

The three-week Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Program addresses the challenges that face adolescents who have chronic pain. Learn more about the Pediatric Program.

PRC Patients

Each year, more than 400 patients receive care in the three-week program, and 200 patients participate in the two-day program. People come to Mayo with many different types of chronic pain, including low back pain, headaches, abdominal pain, or fibromyalgia. Other sources of chronic pain are disorders such as arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome, or pain caused by a disease, for example, peripheral neuropathy or endometriosis. For some people, the cause for pain cannot be identified. Learn more about PRC patients.