Treatment Outcomes

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Pain Rehabilitation Center carefully measures the outcomes of program participants in several areas:

Patient Satisfaction

Based on surveys of all patients who completed the three-week program.

Would recommend the program to a friend 94% — definitely or probably
Care received 91% — excellent or very good
Care beneficial in learning how to live well in spite of chronic pain 94% — definitely or probably
Physical therapy helped increase strength, endurance and flexibility 95% — strongly agree or agree

Medication Use by Patients

Medications At Admission At Discharge
Daily opioid (prescription) pain medications 57% 7%
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g., Ibubrofen) 46% 23%
Muscle relaxants 17% 3%


Upon admission to the three-week program, 80 percent of patients* had depressive symptoms. Of these patients, 54 percent were experiencing major depression. By discharge, depressive symptoms had decreased in 79 percent of patients. Mood improvement is often associated with patients' increased perception of control over their lives and pain and an improved quality of life.
* Center for Epidemiological Studies – Depression scale (CES-D)

Physical Therapy

Of patients completing the three-week program, 75 percent had at least a 50 percent gain in aerobic activity levels. More than 20 percent had more than a 75 percent gain.

Pain Severity

Although the program focuses on functioning and quality of life, 73 percent of patients who completed the program reported a reduction in pain severity at dismissal.

Other Measures

Measures+ Improvement from beginning of program
Less pain interference in daily life 87% of patients
Increase in general activity levels 78%
Increase in energy or vitality 81%
Improved perception of overall health 74%
Increased feelings of control over pain and life events 84%
Improved physical and social functioning 86%
Pain catastrophizing 75%

+ From following tools:
- The Multidimensional Pain Inventory (MPI)
- Reduced Pain Catastrophizing Scale
- SF-36 Health Survey