Deciding to Participate in Pain Rehabilitation

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Pain rehabilitation is a challenging process that requires a serious commitment. Your primary medical doctor or mental health professional can assess whether pain rehabilitation might be appropriate and refer you to the program, if you are interested. PRC staff can evaluate your situation and recommend which program might best fit your circumstances. To assess your readiness, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my life focused on pain or other symptoms and what I am not able to do, rather than what I am able to do?
  • Are my doctors telling me there is nothing further they can do to relieve the pain/symptoms? Do they tell me I need to get on with my life?
  • Am I truly concerned about the long-term effects of taking pain medications?
  • Is my family's well-being affected because of my impaired functioning?
  • Is my recovery from injury or illness taking much longer than my doctors or I expected?
  • Am I not able to commit to social events with family or friends because my pain/symptoms may be worse that day?
  • Is my mood affected by pain/symptoms and activities I am not able to do?
  • Has my attendance at school/work been affected?

Answering "yes" to any of these questions may indicate that pain rehabilitation is appropriate.