Three-week program

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Pain Rehabilitation Center's three-week program is intended for adults whose chronic pain is a major health issue and who, because of pain, have experienced a significant decline in functional abilities and quality of life.

In the program, people learn pain management skills and techniques for physical reconditioning. Staff supervises medication changes, including withdrawal from pain medications, and may also address other medications that may be harmful when used long term.

An integrated team of health care professionals trained in many areas, including pain medicine, physical therapy, psychology, psychiatry, pharmacology, occupational therapy, biofeedback and nursing care for people in the three-week program.

The staff focuses on helping each person reach personal goals regarding the self-management of chronic pain. The program offers several core components to help people manage chronic pain.

The program includes two days of pre-admission evaluation appointments and 15 days of therapy. The program length may be extended for people whose medication dosages are being reduced over time (medication taper).

The program uses a rolling admission, meaning that on any given day someone may begin the program while another person completes it. New participants can learn from and ask questions of staff and other people at various stages of program completion.

Family programming is offered every Thursday and Friday for family members and loved ones of adults in the program to learn how to support those with chronic pain and care for themselves.

The PRC also offers an aftercare program that helps adults who have participated in the three-week program to continue progress made during treatment.

July 25, 2015