Aftercare program

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The aftercare program is a one-day, group-based outpatient program assisting those adults who have completed the adult three-week program in the Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC). In this program, staff assesses each person's goals in returning to an active and fulfilling life.

The aftercare program is designed to help adults transition the strategies they learned at the PRC to their home and work environments. The program's primary goals are to reinforce gains made in the program and to help people maintain progress in their rehabilitation.

In the program, people meet in groups to review the tools they learned and to develop personal plans for ongoing management.

The aftercare program is offered once every three weeks from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Adults may attend the aftercare program beginning the month after completion of the three-week program.

In the aftercare program, people may learn how to improve self-management of chronic pain and refresh skills learned in the program. Other important goals include:

  • Identifying specific problems in the maintenance of coping skills
  • Problem-solving specific issues related to chronic pain at home or work
  • Being open to new ideas and alternatives
  • Identifying constructive ways to respond to pain and healthier ways to manage the cycle of pain
  • Planning for ways to incorporate skills into life at home

People can attend more than once, depending on their individual needs and available openings.

The aftercare program is not designed to replace ongoing follow-up with local primary doctors. The program also isn't intended for additional referrals, medical evaluations or treatments for new medical conditions. Program staff can review current medications, but they are not able to provide new prescriptions or refills.

Call the PRC at 507-255-5921 about program dates and openings.

July 25, 2015