Specialists in the Department of Ophthalmology at Mayo Clinic in Arizona evaluate and treat disorders of the eyes. They have a commitment to the preservation of vision and prevention of blindness through patient care, education and research.

Ophthalmology Department members provide general care for adult patients, including comprehensive eye exams, refractions for eyeglasses and contact lens fitting and supplies. In addition, eye care specialists provide advanced ophthalmology diagnostic procedures and medical, laser and surgical therapies for a wide range of eye disorders. Surgical therapies offered include corneal and refractive surgery. The department does not treat children.

Department staff include ophthalmologists and optometrists with specialized training in glaucoma, retinal diseases, lasers and vitreo-retinal surgery.

Teamwork is central to the practice of medicine at Mayo Clinic. Ophthalmology staff members work closely together to understand and address each patient's needs. Many eye problems are related to other medical conditions, such as diabetes and autoimmune or thyroid disease. In such cases, Mayo Clinic's eye specialists work with physicians in other medical specialties to diagnose and treat the problem.

Mayo Clinic provides ophthalmology services in the following locations in Arizona: