Outpatient Dialysis Center

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Dialysis services are provided in the state-of-the-art Mayo Clinic Outpatient Dialysis Center, located in the Roger Main Building at St. Luke's Hospital about 10 miles from Mayo's San Pablo Road campus.

The outpatient dialysis center opened in Fall 2001 to meet increasing kidney dialysis needs spurred by the growth of Mayo Clinic's transplant and nephrology programs. The center provides dialysis treatments and support, as well as other services designed to meet the medical, nutritional and psychosocial needs of patients with kidney failure.

The outpatient dialysis center offers an effective staff-to-patient ratio and 24 patient-care units, each with television, designed for privacy. Quiet, modern equipment features real-time, online monitoring, which allows staff to observe treatment progress through the four-hour dialysis treatment. Special equipment also checks patients' vascular access to avoid clotting-related problems. Finding problems before clotting interferes with access helps reduce missed treatments and hospitalization for vascular access repairs.

The dialysis center is staffed by registered nurses, patient care technicians, a renal dietician and a renal social worker. Read more about dialysis center staff.

Medical and Surgical Consultations for Chronic Dialysis Patients

A comprehensive medical evaluation by a Mayo Clinic nephrologist is usually recommended before seeing other medical or surgical specialists. The nephrologist works with the other specialists and helps coordinate ongoing hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis during the course of these consultations.