To schedule an appointment in Primary Care Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, see contact information for each location:

Patients will be asked to briefly describe their medical problem(s) to the person scheduling the appointment.

Typical appointments

The length of appointments varies, depending on the reason for the visit and the number of issues reviewed. The physician will take as much time as necessary, but may request another appointment if it appears additional time is needed. A typical sequence of events for a visit may include the following:

  • Check in at the reception desk.
  • Complete and return any forms that may be needed for the doctor to review.
  • A patient service representative (receptionist) may assess the completed forms.
  • The forms will be scanned into the patient's electronic medical record. It is important for the accuracy of the medical record that the forms are accurate and complete.
  • Vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, height and weight) may be measured depending on the reason for the visit.
  • Visit with the doctor.

Please Note: Reporting later than the scheduled appointment time may result in delays or rescheduling of the appointment.

See helpful tips for preparing for appointments.

Becoming a Patient

See information on patient services at the three Mayo Clinic locations, including transportation options and lodging.