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Mayo Clinic Family Medicine appointments are available to people of all ages. Providers offer family-oriented comprehensive care, including obstetrical care and well-woman care, newborn and well-child care, pediatrics and adult/geriatric care. Family medicine physicians are also referred to as primary care providers.

Your family physician can assume responsibility for the total health care needs of the individual and family, taking into account medical, social, behavioral, economic, cultural and spiritual dimensions. Family physicians have expertise in elements of family-oriented care such as family structure and dynamics, family development, family planning, child rearing and education, aging, end-of-life issues, the role of family in illness care, family counseling and education, nutrition and preventive care.

For women in their childbearing years, the family physician's role is especially important. Mayo family physicians can provide continuous, comprehensive care and medical advice during pregnancy planning. Your physician can care for you during your pregnancy, deliver your baby, and provide medical care and health consultation for you and your infant thereafter. This long-term relationship is focused on caring for the whole family — mother, father/co-parent, and child.

Patients have a personal care (family) physician, who provides the majority of their health care. All family members are encouraged to have one family physician to coordinate all their health care. Should you wish to be seen sooner than your physician is available, you can schedule an appointment with another provider in our department. Rochester and area locations include the Baldwin Building, first and second floors, Mayo Family Clinics Northeast and Northwest and Mayo Family Clinic Kasson.

Family Medicine patients who require specialty care can access appointments with physicians in Mayo Clinic's medical and surgical specialty departments, and can undergo comprehensive laboratory testing and imaging (radiology) procedures. Mayo Clinic's electronic medical record system shares your care needs with other Mayo colleagues, speeding the consultation process if necessary.