Pediatric Diabetes Program

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Mayo Clinic pediatric diabetes program is a group of pediatric specialists — endocrinologists, nurse diabetes educators, registered dietitians, social workers, child psychologists and child-life staff — who work as a team to meet your child's needs.

The pediatric diabetes team uses videos, discussions, demonstrations and print materials to help your family learn necessary diabetes management skills and adjust to living with diabetes. If you have a young child, education is aimed at you as a parent. If you have a teenager, he or she is taught to care for himself or herself, with you in a supportive role.

Inpatient education

If your child is newly diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes requiring insulin, he or she is admitted to Mayo Clinic's Eugenio Litta Children's Hospital for three to five days. In an informal setting, you and your child spend two to six hours a day in one-on-one teaching sessions with pediatric program staff.

After leaving the hospital, the diabetes team maintains contact with you to determine insulin doses, answer your questions, and schedule outpatient follow-up visits to occur every three to six months. During those visits, the team assesses your child's diabetes control, adjusts his or her treatment program, provides ongoing education, and helps your family with any problems that develop.

Outpatient education

A range of one-on-one diabetes education services is offered throughout the year at the pediatric diabetes clinic. These services are available to your family if your child is seeing a Mayo Clinic pediatric endocrinologist and has type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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