What to Expect With Your Braces On

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Experiences similar to friends who have worn braces.

  • Your friends who have had braces will be a good source of information and support.
  • Your orthodontist and his or her staff will also be an excellent source of information.
  • Your care will be coordinated between your family dentist and orthodontist. This is of paramount importance.
  • You will receive special instruction on how to clean your teeth.
  • Your braces or appliances will have to be adjusted approximately every 4-6 weeks.
  • You may experience mild soreness or pressure during the first few weeks in braces and for a few days after adjustments at subsequent office visits.
  • Initially, your cheeks, lips, and even tongue can get sore from the irritation of having the braces on. Usually this is gone after the first few days.
  • Your time in braces may be from 6-36 months depending on the complexity of treatment.