Mayo Clinic colorectal surgeons are leaders in research on colon and rectal cancers, colon polyps, inflammatory bowel disease, and the application of minimally invasive surgery to treat colorectal diseases.

The primary research focus of the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery is measuring clinical outcomes related to disease-specific outcomes. Significant recent efforts have been established to evaluate the safety and processes of care. We are leaders in defining multidisciplinary best practices. We are also developing a program to evaluate colorectal outcomes using large national databases.

Information for potential colorectal research trainees

The Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery has a very limited number of research trainee positions available in Rochester, Minn.

Please note the following requirements to be considered for a research trainee. You must:

  • Currently be a medical student, resident, fellow or have completed surgical training
  • Have a mentor in the department
  • Stay in Rochester for three months to one year
  • Provide three recommendation letters
  • Have financial means to support yourself during your traineeship
  • Have your own funding

You cannot observe in the clinical or operating room settings, unless your sponsor completes the appropriate internal form, and it has been approved by the Research Committee.

Our division currently has no basic science laboratory research. However, we maintain strong collaborations with Mayo Clinic basic science laboratories involved in colorectal-related research.

We cannot accommodate more than three research trainees or visiting physicians at any one time in order to have adequate space for everyone.

To be considered for a research trainee position, please:

  1. Review the criteria above.
  2. Complete the trainee request form.