Mayo Heart Valve Disease Clinic

By Mayo Clinic Staff

More than 5 million Americans have heart valve disease, a number expected to double in the next 25 years. The Heart Valve Disease Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota provides the focused expertise necessary for precise diagnosis and high rates of treatment success for patients with valvular disease.

Services offered

The experienced cardiologists in the Heart Valve Disease Clinic conduct diagnostic tests, discuss the results with the patient, and formulate a treatment plan — during the course of just one day. During the process, patients are educated about their conditions and possible treatments. The combination of speed, accuracy and highly experienced staff sets Mayo apart from other medical centers, providing both patient convenience and the highest quality of care.

After diagnosis, patients who require an intervention undergo surgery to repair or replace damaged valves or a percutaneous intervention, if appropriate. Mayo has a strong tradition of excellence in heart valve surgery. Mayo surgeons specialize in multiple repairs or replacements during one surgery, as well as other challenging cases such as second or third valve surgeries.

Throughout diagnosis and treatment, heart valve specialists commonly confer with other Mayo specialists to pinpoint a diagnosis or collaborate on a treatment plan. Mayo Clinic physicians' philosophy is that teamwork results in better patient care, and Mayo cardiologists do not hesitate to call on a colleague when patients will benefit from another opinion.

Following treatment, a visit is scheduled with the clinic's nurse practitioner to check the patient's progress and ensure a good recovery and continuity of care. This vital step is uncommon at other centers. At Mayo, patients appreciate the difference.


Researchers in the Heart Valve Disease Clinic are actively studying new treatments for heart valve disease. Because of Mayo's long tradition of research, patients have the opportunity to receive leading-edge treatment and, when appropriate, to participate in clinical trials. Mayo's clinical trials include experimental treatments, often unavailable elsewhere, that frequently lead to improved patient care for people worldwide. Learn more about research on the cardiovascular research Web page.


Patients may be referred by their primary physician or may request an appointment on their own.

To schedule an appointment at the Heart Valve Disease Clinic, call 507-266-9266 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time.

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