Audiology in Minnesota

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Division of Audiology in Minnesota, a part of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, annually serves the needs of more than 20,000 patients with hearing and balance problems. The staff consists of approximately 20 audiologists who care for adults and children. Specialized evaluations for balance disorders also are offered in the state-of-the-art Vestibular and Balance Testing Laboratory.


Audiology services are provided for individuals of all ages and include:

  • Auditory evoked potentials
  • Aural rehabilitation classes
  • Balance/vestibular testing
  • Cochlear implants
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation
  • Computerized dynamic posturography
  • Custom ear protectors
  • Electroacoustic assessments of hearing aids
  • Electronystagmography
  • Hearing aid evaluation and dispensing
  • Hearing and balance disorders
  • Hearing tests
  • Immittance testing
  • Implantable hearing aids (BAHA system)
  • Infant hearing screening program
  • Pediatric audiological testing
  • Otoacoustic emissions
  • Rotary-chair testing
  • Swim molds
  • Tinnitus counseling


Christopher Bauch, Ph.D.
Cynthia Hogan, Ph.D.
Neil Shepard, Ph.D.
Rachel Amorim, Au.D.
Ann Anderson, Au.D.
Lee Belf, Au.D.
Alyce Breneman, Au.D.
Melissa De Jong, Au.D.
Jane Gilbert, Au.D.
Pamela Gjertson, Au.D.
Kathryn Kerst, M.A.
Joscelyn Martin, Au.D.
James McPherson, M.S.
Melanie Meldrum, Au.D.
Richard Neff, M.S.
Janalene Niichel, Au.D.
Ann Peterson, M.A.
Katherine Teece, Au.D.
Douglas Worthington, Au.D.

Extended Team Members
Charles Beatty, M.D. - surgeon
Colin Driscoll, M.D. - surgeon
Brian Neff, M.D. - surgeon
Becky Baas, M.A. - speech/language pathologist
Ruth Stoeckel, M.A. - speech/language pathologist

Cochlear Implant Team

Programming Audiologists
Lee Belf, Au.D.
Alyce Breneman, Au.D.
Melissa De Jong, Au.D.
Ann Peterson, M.A.

Speech/Language Pathologists
Ruth Stoeckel, Ph.D.
Becky Baas, M.A.

Charles Beatty, M.D.
Colin Driscoll, M.D.
Brian Neff, M.D.