Image of a hemangioma birthmark
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A hemangioma birthmark is a pink or red birthmark that grows during the first year of life and then recedes over time. By age 10, a child who had a hemangioma in infancy may retain only a mark of the growth. If needed, the mark can be cut out or removed by laser.

Treatment isn't usually required, but fast-growing hemangiomas sometimes require medication or laser treatments. Problems do arise if the growth is near the eye (difficulty with vision), in the throat (difficulty breathing), or near the mouth or groin (difficulty with feeding or elimination). Also, if a child has three or more hemangiomas on the skin; has an hemangioma that's in the middle of the face, neck or scalp; or has a large hemangioma that covers a segment of the face, evaluation is recommended to search for internal hemangiomas, which occasionally occur, or other conditions.