1. Minnesota


  1. Ophthalmology


  1. BS - Medical technology University of South Dakota
  2. Pre-optometry courses Rochester Community and Technical College
  3. OD Illinois College of Optometry
  4. Externship - Primary eye care to patients, glaucoma, and contact lens follow-up. Illinois Eye Institute
  5. Externship - Provided pediatric and binocular vision eye care with evaluation and vision therapy of strabismic, amblyopic, vergence, and accommodative anomalies. Provided care for low vision patients, including prescribing and training of low vision devices. Illinois Eye Institute
  6. Externship - Managed glaucoma, diabetic retina, lasik, and laser surgery patients. Fitting, despensing, and follow-up care of rigid and soft lenses. Panton Eye Center
  7. Externship - Comprehensive eye examinations with heavy emphasis on managing glaucoma and diabetic ocular complications. West Side VA Medical Center
  8. Externship - Emphasis on managing ocular trauma, glaucoma, post cataract, and PKP patients. Saint James Hospital
  9. Introduction to Clinical Research Mayo Graduate School, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine


  • General optometry
  • Contact lens

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