Giovanni De Petris, M.D.



  1. 1999
    Fellow - Oncologic Pathology/ Anatomic PathologyMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  2. 1998
    Fellow - Gastrointestinal PathologyRoger Williams Hospital, Brown University
  3. 1997
    Resident - Pathology, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Included Elective training in Genitourinary Pathology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore (Dr J I Epstein).Brown University
  4. 1993
    Fellow - Research: Studied the intracellular pathways of contraction of the smooth muscle of esophagus and gallbladderRhode Island Hospital, Brown University Medical School
  5. 1991
    Resident - Chief Resident and Instructor, Department of GastroenterologyUniversita Degli Studi, L'Aquila
  6. 1989
    Fellow - Post-graduate School of Gastroenterology Included research period in neurotransmission in gastrointestinal tract plexi at University of Pavia (Italy, Prof. M. Tonini)Università di Roma
  7. 1983
    MDUniversita Degli Studi, L'Aquila