Thomas V. Colby, M.D.


Laboratory Medicine and Pathology


  1. Phoenix, Az

Phoenix, Arizona

  1. 1979
    Trainee - Four weeks with Kamal Ishak, Live PathologyArmed Forces Institute of Pathology
  2. 1978
    Postdoctoral Scholar - Clinical Cancer GrantStanford Hospital and Clinics
  3. 1977
    Trainee - Training under Peter J. Scheuer, M.D., in Liver PathologyRoyal Free Hospital
  4. 1977
    Fellow - Surgical Pathology, includes three months Hematopathology with R.F. DorfmanStanford Hospital and Clinics
  5. 1976
    Resident - Pathology, including six months Neuropathology with L.J Rubenstein and H. UrichStanford Hospital and Clinics
  6. 1974
    MDUniversity of Michigan Medical School
  7. 1969
    BAStanford University