Product development policy

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Mayo Clinic team of Web professionals, medical reviewers, subject matter experts and other content contributors collaborate to ensure accurate, relevant and actionable information to provide site visitors with access to the knowledge, experiences and services of Mayo Clinic.

Content development criteria

All content is produced originally by Mayo Clinic, except for select material meeting strict standards, including drug and supplement databases, some social media contributions, and some licensed and third party images. We create original content and curate third party content to convey these attributes:

  • Meet site visitor needs. We create and provide content to meet the needs of site visitors, ranging from prospective patients and consumers seeking health information, to individuals exploring career, educational and research opportunities at Mayo Clinic. We tailor the reading level to appropriate audiences, and consistently prepare and format all content for an optimal Web experience.
  • Meet Mayo Clinic's commitment to excellence. We strive to provide easy-to-understand, data-supported, up-to-date and relevant information indicative of the high standards of Mayo Clinic. We provide transparency into our content creation process by disclosing source materials through direct attribution, documented references or both, dating all original content, and responding swiftly to all reasonable requests for more information about published content.

Editorial team

Our editorial team consists of communication professionals who have academic training in journalism, creative writing, health education or related fields. Editors have at least five years of publishing experience. In addition to regular staff, we retain a team of experienced freelancers to supplement our staff. All freelance work adheres to the same content development policy. Other content contributors include academic, business and medical professionals who are highly engaged in Mayo Clinic's medical practice, research and education activities.

Medical editors dedicate time to work with us and include active and emeritus Mayo Clinic clinicians, researchers and faculty members of the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine at the associate professor or professor level.

March 12, 2014