Freight Management

Supply Chain Management continues to make reductions to shipping costs a priority. Suppliers are asked to use our Inbound Logistics Program when shipping supplies to Mayo Clinic sites.

Resources are available to assist suppliers in making the transition from "prepay and add" to "bill third party" for shipping expenses. Please see this routing guide (PDF) for more information regarding our freight management program.

Mayo Clinic staff are advised to consider cost-effective options when making shipping decisions:

  • Plan ahead when requesting outbound shipments via FedEx and Desktop Shipping. Use ground modes as opposed to air (priority).
  • Encourage suppliers to use our inbound shipping program.
  • Plan ahead when requisitioning supplies. Rush orders are usually very costly.
  • Include complete information when shipping, including accurate addressing and accounting information. Most carriers charge extra fees to resolve issues caused by missing information.

If you have questions or would like additional information on Mayo's freight management program, please call 507-266-5551 or email.

Supply Chain Solutions: Developed by Mayo Clinic

In 2007, Mayo Clinic Supply Chain Management made fundamental changes within its transportation management practices. These changes decreased freight costs by 25 percent, which increased the available revenue for improved patient care. Mayo Clinic wondered how many other organizations might benefit from this strategy.

Supply Chain Solutions, developed by Mayo Clinic, and the Logistics Program is our effort to help educate and change market dynamics in health care supply chain management.

To learn more about how Supply Chain Solutions can reduce your freight spend and improve your freight spend visibility, visit the Supply Chain Solutions website.

Feb. 05, 2014