Inpatient Pneumonia

One way to evaluate the care of patients diagnosed with pneumonia in the hospital is to look at the percentage of patients receiving each of the measures appropriate for them. The goal is 100 percent.

The graph below displays the percentage of eligible Mayo Clinic patients diagnosed with pneumonia receiving all of the appropriate care measures.

Standards of care

The quality measures listed in the table below are known as the "standards of care" for patients diagnosed with pneumonia in the hospital. This list includes the medical care widely accepted as the most appropriate form of treatment for the majority of hospitalized patients diagnosed with pneumonia.

Standards of care for inpatient pneumonia Explanation of this care
Percent of patients cared for in an ICU who had blood culture testing performed within 24 hours of hospital arrival Blood culture testing can yield useful clinical information for treatment options and is recommended for pneumonia patients ill enough to be treated in an ICU.
Percent of patients whose blood culture testing was performed before the first antibiotic was given while in the care of the Emergency Department Obtaining blood culture tests for bacteria before administering the first antibiotic can yield more useful clinical information for treatment options. This test is not required for all patients.
Percent of patients given appropriate selection of antibiotics for pneumonia Selecting the most appropriate antibiotics has been shown to improve patient outcomes.