Inpatient pneumonia

One way to evaluate the care of patients diagnosed with pneumonia in the hospital is to look at the percentage of patients receiving the timely and effective care measures that are appropriate for them. The goal is 100 percent.

The graph below displays the percentage of eligible Mayo Clinic patients diagnosed with pneumonia receiving all of the appropriate care measures.

Inpatient pneumonia care


Timely and effective care

The table below reflects the timely and effective care measures for pneumonia.
Timely and effective care for inpatient pneumonia Explanation of this care
Percent of patients cared for in an intensive care unit (ICU) who had blood culture testing performed within 24 hours of hospital arrival Blood culture testing can yield useful clinical information for treatment options and is recommended for pneumonia patients ill enough to be treated in an ICU.
Appropriate care measure (ACM) The ACM is a pass-fail measure at the individual patient level that asks whether an eligible patient has received all of the appropriate care for the condition for which he or she is being treated.

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