International Symposium

Mayo Clinic's Model: The Mission, Management Principles and Commitment to Putting the Patient First

September 16-17, 2014
Phillips Hall, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

Mayo Clinic has been dedicated to international collaboration for over 100 years, starting with the Mayo brothers, who traveled throughout the world to share medical practices and learn from others. We are honored to continue this tradition with you.

Mayo Clinic is pleased to announce a two-day symposium for international medical leaders designed to provide in-depth exposure to the mission, values and systems that have made Mayo Clinic a recognized leader in medicine worldwide.

Small group of people talking

Participant comment: "The program was very well organized."

Mayo Clinic senior leadership will share insights on:

  • The value principles that make up the Mayo Model of Care
  • The business and management systems that support Mayo's integrated practice
  • The culture of service excellence that sustains Mayo's ranking as one of the best hospitals in America

Through presentations, tours, open discussions, and question and answer sessions, participants will gain a cohesive understanding of Mayo Clinic's integrated model of health care delivery.

Whatever your role in health care, we hope you'll find value and new ideas at the symposium. We expect to learn as much from you as you do from us.

Intended Audience. The conference is intended for international clinicians, health care executives, administrators and business leaders. Participants should be able to understand English.*

Program Highlights: The Mayo Clinic Model of Care

Welcome From Mayo Clinic Leadership

Model of Care Elements


  • History and Traditions
  • Leadership and Organizational Alignment


  • The Mayo Clinic Patient Experience
  • Professionalism and Ethics


  • Outpatient Practice Redesign
  • Experiential Communication Training

Culture, Quality, Scholarship

  • The Latest from the Clinical, Research and Education shields
  • Orchestrating the Clues of Quality
  • *Depending on language needs, interpreting service may be available for an additional cost. Please inquire with Melissa Goodwin at

Social event

  • Reception and dinner event for sharing expertise and insights

Breakout sessions

  • Optional small-group discussions, tutorials and workshops


  • Mayo Clinic’s Decision-Making Model: Integrating Expertise
  • Teamwork is Real: A Practicum
  • Quality Education Curriculum Construct at Mayo Clinic and Enabling Staff-Driven Expertise


  • Systems and Procedures: Internal Business Consulting and Systems Engineering
  • Knowledge Diffusion: Ask Mayo Expert
  • Center for Innovation: Case Studies Transforming the Delivery of Healthcare


  • Commitment to Safety: Framework and Processes Enabling Safe Behaviors
  • A Case Study in Outpatient Practice Redesign
  • Mayo Intranet: Enterprise Knowledge Database and Staff-Enabling Tool


  • Small-group tours for a direct experience of Mayo Clinic's patient care systems:
    • Mayo Clinic Pediatrics
    • Inpatient ward at Rochester Methodist Hospital (part of Mayo)
    • Campus tours exploring Mayo's historical roots, as well as Mayo Clinic's design philosophy for a healing environment. Includes the International Patient Hospitality Center. People from 140 countries come to Mayo for care each year.